They Speak His Truth

Join ChristLife Young Adults this summer to grow in faith with Catholics who speak the truth of the Lord.

They Speak His Truth

August 2, 2022
with Kristen Daub

August 9, 2022
with Mark Tyrrell

August 16, 2022
with Zack Robinson

August 23, 2022
with Ally Ascosi

Wholeness and Holiness

With Kristen Daub

God has a specific design for his creation. Turning away from his natural order can wreck havoc on our health and hinder us from living out his plan. How do we turn away from the chaos of the modern world and the culture of death and embrace his culture of abundant life? Let us live, eat and sleep as sons and daughters of the Creator and High King.

Did you miss the first week of our Summer Speaker Series? No problem! Listen to Kristen Daub's talk on Wholeness and Holiness here!

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With Mark Tyrrell

It seems like as young adults, we're always discerning something big: where to live, what job to take, who to date, who or whether to marry. It can be so stressful, but does it have to be? Is this straining for answers part of God's plan for us? Or does He have a better way to offer?

Did you miss this past Tuesday's talk on Discernment? Not a problem! Listen to Mark Tyrrell's talk on Discernment here!

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Masculinity & Femininity

With Zack Robinson

What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? The world would tell you that your gender can be whatever you want, or whatever you feel, or even nothing at all. But what if the answer is A LOT closer than you ever imagined? God has a plan for your masculinity or your femininity, He wants you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and He embedded the antidote to gender confusion right into you.

Join CLYA on August 16th at 7 pm, to hear more about masculinity and femininity amid the current gender ideology with Zack Robinson!


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